4 Simple Tips So As to Improve PHP Performance

Among a number of sites that are dependent on PHP, Facebook and Yahoo belong to this category too.


In fact, Facebook has created a utility, called Hip Hop for PHP, that converts PHP code into highly optimized C++ and very quickly too.


However, using this utility might be suited for your website might not be the best thing to do.


So, here are 4 simple tips that can help PHP performance in other ways:


#1: Use a PHP accelerator

A PHP script usually executes after it is compiled by the PHP engine where it converted into machine language or opcode. However, if the script produces identical code everytime, then why not skip this process altogether?


For this, using a PHP accelerator works best since it avoids the compilation process and causes the code to be executed immediately on request. Alternative PHP cache, Zend Server and PEAR are examples of a PHP accelerator.


#2 Cialis 10mg: Upgrade your PHP  distribution

Upgrading your PHP distribution has a number of advantages. Apart from the fixing of a number of bugs and adding new features, optimization improvements are also noticed with each new PHP release.


#3: Reduce error reporting levels

There are 13 error reporting levels that vary in terms of sensitivity from critical runtime errors to minor runtime notices. While the sensitivity can be useful during development, one can reduce these error reporting levels after that since every error has a cost attached to it.


#4: Use a profiler

There are a number or reasons why a website runs slow. The reason for this could span anything from the PHP code to the components that it plugs into. One way to resolve these issues is to use a profiler to find out which parts of the code are causing a slowdown of your website’s performance. The Xdebug extension is a good example of this.a