Advantages of Data Center Colocation

Written by Rack Alley

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With booms in cloud storage, companies are now more than ever presented with various options when it comes to catering for their IT needs. Colocation is one such option for business looking to outsource their computer needs. With colocation, your equipment would be hosted in the provider’s data center and you would not have to worry about ping, pipe, rack or power supply. There are numerous other advantages associated with colocation and these are listed below.

  1. Scalability

Computer needs tend to fluctuate. Certain period might call for less needs and some periods might be subject to surge. Instead of hiring or dismissing employees and purchasing more equipment that might not be used all year round, the colocation provider can be contacted. The provider would be able to cater for scaling up or down whenever needed.

  1. Connectivity

Data centers used by colocation providers are normally climate-controlled with fast bandwidth and good redundancy when it comes to network connections. This ensures efficiency in power usage as well as proper maintenance of IT infrastructure without having to hire these services in-house.

  1. Security

Good colocation providers provide secure data centers to host servers. These providers use various security measures such as close circuit cameras, coded access, on-site security or alarms to provide physical safety of the servers. These security features would normally be included in the service plan proposed by providers.

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