Are You Monitoring Remote Desktop Connections?

There was a time in technology history where one had to drive all the way back to the office to retrieve a document from their computer or check on an issue with their machine.  The advent of a remote desktop manager has since eliminated that need, but not for all.  There are still many businesses out there that are not taking advantage of this technological advancement.  The question is, why?

Some businesses have just flat-out remained unexposed to this technology.  One can hardly fault a company’s invincible ignorance.  But there are many who have encountered remote desktop management.  Several technology and software companies use them to allow their support technicians to troubleshoot issues on client machines more efficiently by being able to see and experience the same things as the customer and resolve it directly for them.  A number of businesses that have experienced this kind of support do not realize the relevant application of this technology thinking perhaps that the usefulness of monitoring remote desktop connections is reserved for software companies.

There are some useful applications of this technology for businesses outside of remote support.  Consider the advancements in mobile phone devices, for example.  Let’s be honest, they are practically mini computers in our pockets.  As such, smart phones have the capability to use remote desktop protocols to connect and control computers remotely.  Of course there are also laptops, tablets, and desktop computers that have the same ability.  But why would anyone need to remotely login to their home Viagra or work computer?

Imagine being on vacation and wanting to access a file or program from your home computer.  With remote desktop connection, you would be able to do this from the balcony of your hotel room.  Perhaps you are not at your office and need to connect to your work computer to access the server files or database.  No more driving all the way back to the office, you would be able to do this from anywhere you have internet connection and a usable machine.  Employers can use this technology to check up on their employees and see what they are doing on their workstations.  There are many more applications of this tool and perhaps a business is even aware of them, but still hesitates to use it.

One of the biggest reasons for this hesitation is in the area of security.  A company is rightly concerned about the confidentiality of the data is houses.  Likewise, so are home users who may want to have access to this technology but are likewise fearful of the security risks of using them.  Fortunately, most remote desktop connection software is relatively safe to use.  They rely on user identification for access and use anti-spyware programs to protect data.  Of course, having your own up-to-date security software running will help as well.


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