Basics of Online Time Clocks

Written by Allied Time.


Cloud-based computing has changed the way that many businesses approach their operations. They no longer need to host costly and complicated software packages for many of their organizational processes. Instead of being tied to a central computer or system, they are utilizing the power of the cloud to store, access and maintain their critical information and processes no matter where they are.

One area where cloud-computing has had an impact in recent years is with employee time clocks. The ability to manage data over the Internet has now come to the world of payroll. Many businesses — particularly small businesses or companies with employees at several locations — have found that using an online time clock is the most effective way for them to manage their payroll.

The basic concept of a web-based time clock is that employees log in and out of work using a biometric recognition system. The most popular choices are systems that use fingerprints or facial recognition. Employees can log in with a dedicated employee time clock or even through apps that can be loaded onto their smartphones or tablets. These mobile apps can let traveling employees clock in and out from anywhere in the world or be set up to only allow them to clock in and out from authorized locations.

When an employee clocks in, their information is transmitted over the Internet using client-based software. All of this information is stored off-site in secure servers with multiple firewalls in place to protect this information from potential breaches. Employers can access this information at any time, no matter where they are or where the information was collected. This means that a company’s payroll department can have immediate access to in-depth time clock information.

The advantages of switching to a web-based time clock are numerous:

Ease of Installation: Getting started with a web-based time clock solution is extremely easy. There is very little set-up required to get a company started with their new online payroll system — especially when compared to traditional, centrally-located payroll solutions. In many cases, there is absolutely no software to install. Since this is cloud-based computing, everything is handled on the client side.

Affordability: Online time clocks are very cost-effective and are a great choice for small businesses who don’t need a payroll solution for hundreds of employees. Adding the basic system is easy and affordable. It is also highly scalable, meaning that new employees can quickly be added to an existing system.

Convenience: Using an online time clock provides convenience for employers and employees. Businesses can access payroll information quickly and in one place. Meanwhile, workers can feel confident that their time is being accurately counted no matter where they are.


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