CEU Help Safeguard Social Work Jobs Against Recession

Since the start of the economic recession in December 2007, the unemployment rate has risen 1.7 percentage points to touch 6.7%. According to the latest forecasts, the job-slashing trend is expected to continue through 2010 with employers slashing another 475,000 jobs to take the unemployment rate to a 15-year high of 7%.

Continuing education for social workers is one of the best things that can be done to prevent a job from becoming obsolete. The new skills and knowledge gained from continuing education units (CEU) clearly signify commitment to an employer, making professionals with social work CEU less likely to be subject to a workforce reduction than colleagues who have not attained units. The real-world lessons learned at McKissock also enable today’s social workers to do their jobs better, which further reduces the likelihood of getting caught in a downsizing. Sign up for courses today and safeguard your job against the recession.