Television Products to Look For During Black Friday Sales

Blog provided by Curacao

High-definition LED TVs are some of the most popular products on Black Friday for good reasons. Televisions usually cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, and a good TV discount can be the perfect deal to help buyers on a budget. Here are a few television products you might want to pick up on Black Friday.

Samsung TU8000


Samsung’s Crystal UHD LED TV has a wide screen and technology that digitally enhances images and reduces motion blur. Its Wi-Fi connectivity also allows you to stream content from the Internet and browse the web.

Sony X800H


The Sony X800H is another high-end television with similar features to the previous entry on this list, such as motion blur reduction and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also compatible with technologies such as Google Chromecast, which allows you to cast content from your mobile devices to your screen.

Polaroid 65T7U

Polaroid’s Smart TV is a bit more affordable, as it usually retails for $499.99. However, it’s still a solid LED TV if you want something uncomplicated capable of providing excellent picture quality and immersive Dolby audio.



LG’s entry on this list is another high-end smart TV with AI-powered image enhancements. It also comes with its own Magic Remote with voice and motion control for easy access to all your favorite entertainment.

Hisense Class H9 Quantum Series

Hisense’s smart TV combines 4K visual technology with Android-powered features such as entertainment and apps through Android TV and built-in Google Assistant for user-friendly voice control and navigation.

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