Tips for Thriving in a Freelance Work Environment

Summary: Despite all of the positive aspects of freelance work that exist, it is worth pointing out that there are still some challenges to the workstyle that any person thinking about taking the leap should consider first.

There are a number of things that separate freelance workers from those who work in traditional offices. Having the ability to choose the work you do, the freedom to choose your hours, and the option to choose where you work on a given day may sound like a dream come true. The more unstructured nature of freelance work grants freelance workers a good amount of freedom. The flexibility can be liberating but it can be overwhelming if you do not prepare.

Set a Schedule

One of the big things that separates freelance work from standard office jobs is the lack of a set schedule. If you are doing freelance work, whether that be as a writer or video editor, there is a good chance you do not necessarily need to work for a certain amount of hours nonstop. However, setting up a schedule that you can follow each day will help you stay productive and get work done. You might not need to work for several hours at once but finding a system that works for you can make a big difference.

Save Up

One disadvantage to freelance jobs is that work is not guaranteed. Someone working in an office knows that when they return in the morning they will still have work to do. As a freelancer, you might be busy for an entire month but struggle to find work for weeks afterwards. Set aside a portion of each of your paychecks to account for when those slower periods come around.

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