Tips to Simplify Time and Attendance

As your business grows, time and attendance become a prime concern. Hiring the right people is no good if those people don’t show up to work on time or take too much time off. The old keycard method of time tracking is also falling out of favor, with more employers choosing alternative methods to keep time and track employee progress. Here are some tips employees have begun utilizing to make the process of time and attendance far more efficient.

Time in business

Be Clear

The first tip is to be clear about your attendance policy, but be ready to follow through on disciplinary actions if employees don’t get the message. All new hires should receive the time and attendance policy as part of their initiation. HR should also show the employee where the time clock is, and discuss policies related to time clock use. Specifically, cover aspects like time fraud and buddy clocking. If fingerprint time clocks are in use, have the employee register and activate his or her fingerprint during orientation.

Employees who violate the attendance policy repeatedly should be disciplined in some form or another. Suspension is an extreme option, write-ups being the more common route. Be prepared to follow through, and treat all cases as they arise. It’s important to apply discipline across the board, but some employees may require special circumstances (like a schedule adjustment). It’s your call ultimately, but in some cases it may be better to retain the employee and make a small adjustment so he is no longer late.

Be Accurate

As long as there will be people scheduled to appear on time and time clocks to mark their arrival, there will be disputes about the accuracy of clock punches. Having a biometric device removes much of this confusion. Employees benefit from knowing that their hours are tracked only for the work they do on site. Most of these time clocks require an employee to use biometrics before entering or leaving an area.

Some of these systems come with online components, which is helpful to everyone. As issues arise, employees and management can correct the issue immediately. Changes made to a schedule are also instantly visible so everyone knows when they are supposed to work. With more advanced systems, employers can also track alerts that follow employee behavior. This reduces everything from overtime costs to lost productivity from employees not showing up on time.
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