Uses of a Video Splitter

Every computer has a set of serial and USB ports that are normally used to accommodate a wide range of devices spanning from communications and networking to storage. However, when it comes to serial ports, there are only two on each computer compared to almost twice the number of USB ports made available to computer users.

This is where one can use an USB serial cable adapter that converts a USB port into a serial port which can then be used for a slew of communication devices that are the latest items to take the market by storm such as modems, printers, PDAs, digital cameras and so on and so forth. With the addition of a few more serial ports, you should be able to connect more than two of these devices and use them seamlessly along with the devices connected with your normal serial ports.

Another device is the video splitter that enables one to be able to split visuals and transmit them to several screens such as the kinds that you see in trade expositions, business presentations with a large crowd.

And this brings us to another device that is related to audio-visuals and which allows people to connect an additional monitor or an LCD projector to your computer so that you can have that dual-monitor capability and which facilitates greater productivity at work. Yes, we’re talking about the USB video adapter that enables people to avoid the unnecessary headache of having to add an internal video card to their computer as well.