What does the data center of the future look like?

Article by Electric Kitten

The business world, and the world at large are growing and evolving at a breakneck pace. Take 5G for example, as the next step in mobile communication technology, it enables changes that will redefine how we use systems. These same businesses are relying on data centre’s without changing or adapting their model to a new age. Thriving and growing in this new digital age will require rethinking some of the strategies we use for making use of data centres and other communication technology.

One such change is the decentralization of infrastructure. Previously, the use of infrastructure was with a singular focus. You would have a data center in house, and then when it was more affordable, you would shift to a third party. Alternatively, the entire application could run out of the cloud, taking advantage of both the scale and the cost savings. With 5G slowly coming online, we could see a future with systems distributed across local, in-house, data center, and cloud.

Another change is the automation of that decentralized infrastructure. Capable devices could host parts of applications locally, and data centres could act as command and control for enabling and disabling computing resources placed at the edge, on the cloud, and even in local telecoms.

Future data centers will need to handle a much larger and varied group of processing power, placed in various parts of the world, at various distances of the end-user.

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