Colocation: The more affordable alternative to in-house data centers

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Every business needs an adequate data storage system if they hope to be successful. In earlier times, paper and filing cabinets carried all essential units of information but in today’s technology-oriented era, that data is usually stored electronically. Electronic data is even more important when you consider that businesses that have an online presence need a server to host their website on.

Many companies choose to house their data in in-house data centers that they pay for and maintain using company employees and resources. However, in-house data centers may not be ideal for every type of organization. In-house data centers are costly and require consistent attention from your security staff. You may not want to spend a lot of funds and labor on your data center instead of more important projects that affect your company’s earnings.

If you don’t want to deal with the distractions of an in-house data center, you can always outsource the maintenance and housing of your data center to a colocation provider. Colocation allows you to rent space in a facility that provides cooling, power, and extensive physical security. Since you’re sharing space with other renters, the colocation provider can afford to charge you less money, since all the renters will be pitching in to pay for the facility’s costs. This makes colocation more affordable and less of a hassle to deal with.

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