Useful Joomla Components – A Top 4 List

Article by Pierre Zarokian.

There are a number of reason why Joomla has grown so popular over the last few years. Some of them include an easy installation along with a number of templates, modules and components.

Speaking of component, there are a few that pertain to e-commerce, internationalization and even SEO that is useful in web developments.

So, here is a top 4 list of useful Joomla components:

#1: JoomFish

Joomfish not only allows you to set the default language for your website but it also gives a wide range of choice to the number of languages that can be used at your site as well. Since it gives the original language precedence over what you might have entered, translating a website is easy, quick and efficient.

#2: Kunena

Kunena work as an excellent option for a discussion board even if it offers features that are no better than vBulletin. As for its use, you can ban users, edit the template, create forum categories and subcategories with different types of access as well as add emoticons and reputation marks.

#3: JCE

While the tinyMCE might have its uses, JCE tends to offer so much more as content editor. Not only are there more text formatting options but remarkable ones where you can write from right to left, do a thorough spell check not only in English but in other languages as well.

#4: Sh404SEF

In order for your Joomla e-store to succeed, you must obtain high rankings when it comes to search engine listings. Unfortunately, most of them do not like Joomla’s URLs too much. However, one can use Sh404SEF to rewrite these URLs to a much more suitable format for search engines.

About the author:  Pierre Zarokian has Computer Science degree and web development background. These days he does a lot of web design , digital marketing as well as online reputation management services.