Must have tech accessories

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Accessories should complement and/or enhance the functionality and the user experience of the primary product. The most obvious example of accessories that do is the wireless mouse and keyboard. They perform the same tasks as the normal stock variety and extend that use by making it wireless. Here are some other, affordable accessories that you can pick up shopping online:

Flash drive

Modern network connections are faster and more reliable than ever. However, it is still tedious and sometimes costly to move large files. For that, a USB flash drive is fast and cheap enough to have one around. Just remember to get a USB 3.0 version when you shop.

Lock port

We all have tech gear we want to keep secure. This is where a lock port comes in. These lock kits help secure a desktop or laptop computer using various attachments. These are then secure to the base of the table making it very difficult to remove quickly.

USB Hub with an SD card reader

This takes the functionality of a USB hub further by adding an SD card reader. With most new ultraportables removing the card readers. This could not have come at a better time.

Bluetooth keyboard

A good wireless Bluetooth keyboard is useful for several applications. They are compact, light and have excellent battery life. These can even be used with a tablet or smart tv boxes.