Android tablet buying guide

7Written by Costbuys

In the Apple ecosystem, there is really only one tablet and different sizes to choose from. In the Android world, it is the complete opposite. There are hundreds of models that vary from screen size to various other specifications. Here are a few of the important considerations when discount shopping online for a new tablet:


First, decide what size tablet you are looking for. There are tablets that range from six to ten inches with seven inches the most popular. Ideally, the screen resolution should be higher than 1024×600 for a better viewing experience.


For anything other than web browsing, 16GB will not be enough. Storing music and movies will need 32GB minimum. Alternatively, look for a tablet that supports adding more storage using SD Cards. Then purchase a large SD card with an online shopping discount for a much better deal.


Most people that use tablets for entertainment use headphones or earbuds. For this reason, most tablets come with only one speaker. Higher end models have dual speakers on either side for stereo sound. It sounds much better but is only usable when there is nobody else around who might be disturbed.


The final thing to look out for is the version of Android. There are so many on a tablet today that it is difficult to tell which one to get. The two important points here are the current version and how often it is upgraded. Search forums online for the brands that regularly update their tablets so that you can use the tablet for as long as possible.


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