Signs that you need an online shopping cart

2Written by Secure Net Shop

When a physical store gets online, it usually follows this pattern. A website is designed and hosted. Products are then listed on the website. Inquiries, and then eventually orders are taken by email. Payment is either by bank transfer or a manual credit card link. The only step not taken is the installation of a merchant shopping cart. But how do you know if you need to take that next step? Here are a few signs that it is time:


You get so many emails that you start missing orders or inquiries and start losing sales. Once you start getting hundreds of emails a day, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of what is going on.


You lose track of payments and find it difficult to reconcile your actual sales against what you expected based on inquires. Worse this can sometimes end up in a situation where you are skating profitability because you don’t know how much it is costing you.


You lose money on goods when you sent the item and then were paid by a stolen card. Handling fraud is a costly affair, in both time and money, especially when if it involves physical goods.


Processing returns can take time and there is also a loss when it comes to either sending payments or refunding credit card transactions.


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