Three reasons to consider developing mobile app

Urban cities in the U.S. like Los Angeles recently have had growing demand for mobile app developers. Simply doing a Goggle search of “Mobile application development Los Angeles” then you will find countless of business opportunities. In this article you will learn why it’s a good time to get into mobile app development.

Smartphone has shipped around 1.43 billion units as of 2015(with Android being the leading platform), so there is a huge demand of Android app development. The market is also growing rapidly and estimated to reach over 1.7 billion users by 2017, which equals to an estimated 34 percent of the whole world’s population. This is a growing multi-billion dollar industry that you cannot ignore.

The risk of creating a mobile application is relatively small, as even small companies can now make their own apps with a low budget. There are also many success stories from self-taught programmer who created popular mobile apps single-handedly, so creating compelling and successful mobile applications can be done from individuals to established businesses.

Applications development can be fast and easy. Developers are provided with a wide set of tools and a huge range of useful libraries so they can focus on making rich and innovative applications painlessly. They are also supported with new cutting-edge technology as the apps development platform continues to evolve.

These reasons are why major cities in the U.S. are seeking mobile app developers. You can search on the internet such as “app development Los Angeles” to find companies who are hiring now.


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