Questions to ask your web host

3Written by Rack Alley

Select the right la data center or web host for your company is very important. Due to the time and work involved in moving a running website, getting it right the first time is even more important. Here are a few questions first time users can ask when choosing a host:

What is the uptime guarantee. Look for a minimum level of tripe nine (99.9%) or four nines (99.99%) depending on how critical uptime is.

For tangle data center hosting, find out where the server will be hosted. This is to ensure that los angeles colocation actually means that the physical data center is in proximity to LA.

Levels of customer support provided. Email only? Phone? 24 hours?

Beyond the basic hosting, what else is provided at no additional cost although not mentioned in the product listing.

What are the renewal fees. Almost all hosts list first year charges that are heavily discounted. The renewal rate can be much higher. This applies to domain names as well.

What is the definition of unlimited. Several hosts use the term unlimited for their web hosting packages and even for colocation. Find out what their thresholds are even for services that have unlimited mentioned.

What is their cancellation policy? How much notice is required.

These are just a few questions that will get you on the right track when selecting a host.

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