The Basics to the Perfect Shopping Cart

Written by Secure Net Shop


The whole point of e commerce is to remove the friction when customers purchase items. Buying items online removes the need to go to a physical store, see what they have and come back home after buying it. With ecommerce you sit at home, browse and select items from a catalog and then buy it. The product that enables that is the shopping cart. It is one of the most important components of any ecommerce site. These have now become so ubiquitous that you can easily find a cheap shopping cart for your own website.


Here are the basics of good shopping card page design:


  1. Show high quality images
  2. Show delivery times and price estimates clearly
  3. Allow the visitor to save the basket/cart contents for later
  4. If possible use shopping cart abandonment software to email and remind the user later.
  5. Display all trust badges (example: ssl certificate, norton security, payment protection etc)
  6. Show the customer the savings made next to each item
  7. Give the customer multiple checkout options and different payment options clearly shown.
  8. Upsell or cross-sell by showing a “you might also be interested in” tab of other items.
  9. Show shipping costs clearly

Follow these basic guidelines and your merchant shopping cart page will be up there with the best. Some of them especially the trust symbols and showing the amount savings next to each item can have an immediate impact on the customer to complete the purchase.

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