WebSmart PHP Could Get Faster

Zend’s IBMi customers will be happy to learn that BCD will provide them with web development services. Additionally, BCD will be an important commercial partner by providing Zend technologies with WebSmart PHP.


The two companies first started working seriously together in 2012. Since, they have accompanied a lot of IBM i organizations. Their services are development, deployment, server management and server scaling.

BCD and Zend will provide a complete PHP solution to IBMi clients. This is a great way for the two partners to grab a big part of the market. BCD is in this industry for nearly 40 years. It is an immensely successful software company in the IBMi marketplace. They have worked with thousands of companies across the globe.

Zend is a much younger player in comparison, but their achievements are equally impressive. By establishing the base of the PHP language, they have contributed in making it the language that runs one third of today’s websites.

This agreement means that BCD and Zend will serve customers during the full development lifecycle. BCD has extensive knowledge of the platform and Zend’s forte is the language, which they helped to build.

Both companies are very well conscious that this is two mastodons coming together. They complement each other’s technologies perfectly. It is of no doubt that they will provide the best services to their clients. Of course, the two companies also have huge customer bases. Sharing that client base is surely another great resources to tap on.