Why PHP Shopping Cart Software?

If you are looking to integrate a shopping cart to your website and wondering, which programming language you should opt for, the following benefits of using a PHP shopping cart may help you.

1. PHP developers are easy to find – Once you have purchased the shopping cart script, chances are that you want to customize it. Therefore it is important that you can find a developer quickly. The fact that there are many PHP developers means that the cost of getting something done is also cheaper than costs for other programming languages.

2. Ease of use – Because PHP can be programmed to work on a module basis, many PHP scripts will work out of the box and come with easy setup instructions. Therefore even if you do not know much about programming you can set up the shopping cart yourself.

3. Supporting Web Hosts – Most web hosting providers support PHP hosting. This is because many hosting services run on Linux servers and are able to host PHP at no extra cost. Therefore even if you didn’t know much about PHP when you purchased your hosting package, chances you may have purchased one that included PHP. PHP hosting is also cheaper than other hosting packages; like a package that supports .Net. This is because some of these languages require proprietary software that costs enormous amounts of money.

4. More Secure – PHP is more secure than most other programming languages. Since it is a server-side scripting language almost all of the actions happen on the server and are not affected by the client’s security features.