Why you should stick to becoming a PHP developer

There are two sides to this story, those who are for PHP and those who are not for PHP. If you happen to be a PHP developer, you’ll find that these past few years has had some pretty huge and exciting developments in the PHP language. With the release of the latest version of PHP, the language has been much easier to use for programmers with additional features that are quite handy as well. Traits, generators, CLI web servers, dereferencing, as well as new password hashing API allows you to do much more work without having to rewrite several lines of code over and over again. This means that you are able to save huge amounts of time that you can divert to other activities like refining your code as well as writing new codes as well for other tasks and activities. Because of these new features, it has made PHP a much easier language to use when it comes to programming. And that’s why you should stick to PHP. If you have been a PHP developer for quite some time now, then you should have even more reason to stick to it now. Aside from having to learn a new language from scratch and having to start from the bottom of the learning curve, it’s quite a problem as well having to shift from one language to another especially when you have been so accustomed to PHP for quite some time. Refining your skills instead would make you the best in your field.